Best Indie Music in NJ: Who is The Tooth Fairy Collective?

The Tooth Fairy Collective: South Jersey’s Indie Music Promoter

The Tooth Fairy Collective (TFC) is a woman-run DIY concert promoter founded by @sophiejanemiles, a 23-year-old woman out of South Jersey-based in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. The Tooth Fairy Collective is a driving force behind local indie music house shows at venues like Bramble or the Grotto, and they put on some of the best indie shows the Philly/ South Jersey area has to offer. However, they do more than just concerts, with plans of diving more into throwing wrestling events, helping book tours, and branching out into other forms of live entertainment.

With roots in the hardcore scene, shows usually lean toward the heavier side. TFC showcases NJ and Philly’s most talented and hardcore bands; from groups like Gel, Jesus Piece, and Bulldoze, hardcore fans flock to shows. They also appreciate mellow vibes with a love of folk music and outlaw country, hosting bands like Swansun, Dana Johan and other acoustic acts. They come from a musical family and started throwing shows at 16. After a successful Woodstock-themed show blew up, the momentum has kept them throwing shows all over NJ and Philly ever since.

South Jersey and Philly Indie Music

The Tooth Fairy Collective aims to create a community where people from all walks of life can unite, build connections, and enjoy local art and indie music. The scene they have helped cultivate is caring, not cutthroat. Everyone is supportive, quick to help, and makes you feel part of something bigger than yourself. The Tooth Fairy Collective is more than just a group of artists and musicians; it is a family bound by a shared love for creativity, unity, and the pursuit of a nurturing and caring artistic indie music community. In a world that sometimes feels disjointed and divided, the collective’s vision of togetherness and support is a shining testament to art and music’s profound impact on our lives and our shared human experience.

March 2023 will forever be etched in the annals of the Tooth Fairy Collective’s history as the month they orchestrated an unforgettable collaboration with House Show Philly at the iconic Snake Pit venue in Philadelphia. It was a night that seamlessly melded two seemingly disparate worlds – hardcore music and death match wrestling – into a singular, electrifying experience that resonated deeply with those in attendance. The positive feedback from the indie music and wrestling scene and a fantastic collaboration with House Show Philly made it a memorable night. “There was just so much love in that room despite it being filled with barbed wire and dudes beating the shit out of each other.” (TFC) In retrospect, the March 2023 show at the Snake Pit was more than just a night of entertainment; it was a powerful reminder of the unifying force of art and the remarkable things that can happen when passions collide in unexpected and electrifying ways. It will forever be celebrated as a testament to the Tooth Fairy Collective’s commitment to creating experiences that transcend boundaries and forge connections among those who share a common love for the extraordinary.

No rings. No rules. 🩸🔪
Simultaneous music and death match performances brought to you by @houseshowphilly @toothfairycollective and @snakepit_philly.
Image via @lemonprom

Pics by @satanstrapqueen 

This show was excellent thanks to everyone involved, especially @snakepit_philly and @toothfairycollective
Image via @satanstrapqueen

TFC looks forward to expanding and continuing to be a part of this community. They care less about leaving behind a legacy than building connections and relationships with the people. People build connections, make friends, and join this community by going to shows. Follow their page here!

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Image via @lemonprom

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