Who is Andrea_andrea

Who is Andrea_andrea?

Andrea_andrea live set
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Andrea_andrea is a talented young DJ, producer, and writer from York, Pennsylvania, based in Lancaster. Well known for her live sets and work with groups like @mechanicaltapes and music labels like Virtua94 and Club Catalog, she adds a much needed eclectic mix of drum & bass, experimental beats, and ever-evolving UK garage sounds to the scene. Specializing in electronic soundscapes and jungle mixes, Andrea_andrea is your gateway to a journey through the depths of electronic dance music.

Andrea has a distinctive style evident in all her projects, from her early work on Stars for Debra to her latest album, Absentia. Her collection of tracks is a combination of hard-hitting breaks, quick juke melodies, and a blend of sounds that is truly impressive. Her inspiration comes from renowned DJs like GRRL, Sully, and Kaho Matsui, all of whom are excellent and deserve a listen. Andrea’s production seamlessly blends soulful vibes with elements from dance-pop, R&B, and the unstoppable energy of jungle. She has mastered this genre’s intricate rhythms and melodies, creating a signature sound that keeps people moving on the dance floor.

She firmly believes in the power of striving to become a better version of oneself with each passing day, a philosophy that undoubtedly resonates through her music. She uses music to express herself through DJing, producing, and writing, creating a personal connection to the art form. What truly sets Andrea_andrea apart is the lasting impact of her sets. Audiences can expect an experience that is nothing short of euphoric and energizing. Her music transcends the boundaries of the ordinary, immersing listeners in a sonic journey that leaves them feeling uplifted and invigorated.

Andrea_andrea music set
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Andrea_andrea’s latest album, Absentia, as part of Virtua94, showcases her best work yet. Coming in at just over 55 minutes of runtime, I found myself rewinding and replaying repeatedly. The irresistible beats of Baltimore club, Jersey club, and jungle samples create a hypnotic melody and harmony that compel you to dance. My favorite single, Cellophane, starts as an unassuming pattern of percussion and samples but transforms once the kick comes in. Every coalesces around a perfectly danceable 145 bmp groove. The angelic chords over the top of the distressed rhythms and jungle breaks make me eager for the next project, and wish I was dancing at one of her live shows.

Andrea_andrea’s career has blossomed with new opportunities from coast to coast, playing shows from San Francisco to Philadelphia, with more shows on the way. She has an upcoming live performance opening for Huerco S on October 7th at Pottery Gym. If you have yet to see her live, now’s your opportunity!

Andrea_andrea is a dynamic DJ and producer who creates captivating sets that showcase her passion for electronic music. Her talents and influences make her a rising sensation in the industry. Check out her music here!


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