South Jersey's, The Jettys at Neon Jungle in Philly

Who Are The Jettys?


The Jettys @neonjunglephilly Image via @wesleyandproductions
The Jettys @neonjunglephilly Image via @wesleyandproductions

The Jettys, a band of talented individuals from Barnegat, NJ, based in South Jersey is making waves in the music world. The members of The Jettys, Matt, Andy, James, and Zach, share a profound bond rooted in their hometown. Having attended the same school, they have been friends for about 15 years and have cemented their bond. With rock and roll as their foundation, their music is a unique blend of psychedelic and singer-songwriter influences. Follow them here!

The Jettys consider music not only their passion but also an expression of their individuality. Their music is a blend of various flavors that makes it truly unique. They draw inspiration from musicians such as Led Zeppelin, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, and Bob Dylan. They put an incredible amount of effort into their sound, which is evident in their music. The band is based in South Jersey and has performed alongside bands like Swansun. They believe the stage is the best place to share their stories, and they use their instruments and lyrics to connect with their audience.

The Jettys Latest EP Anti-Kemps

The Jettys’ latest EP, “Anti-Kemps,” showcases the band’s best work and takes the listener on a joyfully melancholic adventure. The upbeat rock jams are enjoyable, and the intricate guitar solos are awe-inspiring, drawing the listener in. The rhythm section beautifully complements the melodies and lyrics, creating a tight and crisp ensemble. The closing track, “Again and Again,” is a triumphant ballad that is as much of a love song as a headbanger. The heartfelt performance from the band spills over the listener, leading to a mesmerizing guitar solo and an eerie final major chord that compels us to listen to it over and over again. This EP reminds us that we can find beauty and inspiration in even the most melancholy moments of our lives.

The Jettys, from Barnegat NJ, based in South Jersey NJ
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The Jetty’s live performance is a captivating experience that showcases their dynamic musical talents. They blend great lyrics with impressive musicality, leaving the audience in awe of the depth and diversity of their music. One of their most unforgettable gigs was at The Stoop in Philadelphia, a venue they cherished and frequented. Playing in front of an enthusiastic crowd was a memorable experience that cemented their presence in the music scene.


The Jettys is an extraordinary band that defies categorization. With an unbreakable connection to each other, authenticity in their music, and a diverse range of influences, they are a band worth following. With their unforgettable performances and unparalleled music tastes, they are destined for greatness in the music world. So, when you hear the name “The Jettys,” be prepared for an unforgettable musical journey. Follow them here!


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