Who Is Blue Street?

New to the independent music scene, Blue Street revitalizes blues and rock

Blue Street performing live, image via @thephotographyofrubendgarcia


Nestled within the local music scene of South Jersey lies a true gem called Blue Street (follow them here)! This talented group of musicians is dedicated to the art of rock and blues, which has been their passion since they first formed in 2019. In this piece, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the unique members of Blue Street, explore their artistic influences, recall their most memorable gigs, and share with you their latest project, Overpass, which is a real treat of jazz and blues lovers that you cannot afford to miss. Get ready to be introduced to one of the most exciting acts in the region and immerse yourself in the world of Blue Street.

Blue Street is a band that combines the raw energy of rock and blues in perfect harmony, creating a sound that is a testament to their love for the genre. The group consists of four talented musicians: Ludo, the lead singer and guitarist, whose passion for music is contagious; Zach Gitto, a master of the electric guitar, whose playing captivates the audience; Rudy Kreutzer, a drummer whose skills demand respect and force the listener to catch every rhythm, known for his blazing and fast drum riffs that never compromise on taste; and last but not least, Jack Hall on bass, whose impeccable skills and juicy licks can seamlessly soothe any arena.

Jack Hall on bass, live at anchorrockclub in Atlantic City, image via @nikkifaragherphoto

Artistic Influences and Inspirations

Blue Street is a dynamic and talented band that hails from South Jersey. What sets them apart from other bands is their unique local flavor that infuses their music with a distinct character. They are renowned for their exceptional ability to deliver captivating and original folk-blues sets, as well as their versatility in performing classic bar hits with ease.

Rudy Kreutzer on set live at anchorrockclub in Atlantic City, image via @nikkifaragherphoto

As true musicians, Blue Street draws inspiration from the legends that came before them. They are deeply influenced by iconic artists such as Van Morrison, America, and The Allman Brothers, and their admiration for these legends is unmistakable in their work. The result is a rich and diverse sonic palette that will captivate music lovers of all backgrounds.

Robert’s Basement Farewell Show, live at Anchor Rock Club, featuring Swansun, Blue Street and Roberts Basement

A Gig to Remember

As a band, there are specific performances that etch themselves into your memory forever. For Blue Street, that unforgettable experience happened at Robert Basement’s Farewell show, held at the Anchor Rock Club. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform live at this show, and they quickly converted me into a fan and follower. The gig’s energy was electrifying, and the band gave it their all, leaving their audience in a pure euphoria. The concert was a turning point for the band. It elevated them to new heights in their musical journey, putting them into the hearts, minds, and, most importantly, ears of a whole new set of music junkies like myself.

Blue Street’s 2021 debut album, Overpass

Debut Album: Overpass

If you’re searching for a contemporary blues and rock album, you must check out “Overpass,” the 2021 project by Blue Streets. The album includes 9 tracks and has a runtime of 36 minutes. The whole project is concise, and every song is soulful and groovy. Ludo’s vocals are the epitome of blues music, and the ensemble only enhances the ebb and flow of each track. The instrumentation is like an extension of the soulful vibes of each song.

My favorite track is “Desert,” which sets the mood with its smoky, late-night jazz club ambiance. It’s hard to describe it as anything but soulful, with the real carrying force being the energy that binds all the sounds together and keeps the song’s groove swinging. The guitars are like another voice telling another perspective on the same story, and the rhythm section adds depth and soul to the arrangement. The vocals, often performed with a raspy, emotionally charged tone, take center stage, delivering the heart-wrenching narrative of the song.

The album is an improvisational masterpiece that speaks to the human condition and connects with listeners on a deep, emotional level, leaving them with a profound and lasting impression.


Blue Street is not just any regular band; they are living proof of how music can connect people, narrate stories, and bring a slew of emotions to our lives. With their unique rock blues sound, talented members, and captivating performances, Blue Street is a band that is definitely worth listening to. Whether you are an avid fan of blues or someone who loves discovering new music, Blue Street is a name you should remember. You can follow them on social media here!

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