Who is Robert’s Basement?

In the vast cosmos of music, Robert’s Basement and The Flying Moonmen have created an unforgettable odyssey. Image via Instagram

Robert’s Basement and The Flying Moonmen

Robert’s Basement is a progressive psychedelic synth/art rock band from Galloway, NJ, outside of Atlantic City, NJ. The group’s four members, Ryan, Coby, Aaron, and Rudy, have been friends since childhood, with connections dating back to elementary and middle school days, and have been making music since middle school jazz band. They all knew each other’s skill set and wanted to jam. Little did they know that their first jam session would spawn dozens on live shows, two EPs, an alter-ego in The Flying Moonmen, and thousands of adoring fans all around the tri-state area

Robert’s Basement and The Flying Moonmen aim to create captivating, expressive music that meets the high standards of classically and jazz-trained musicians. Their lyrics take a philosophical turn, often romanticizing feelings and exploring the significance of life and death. This exploration of paradoxes mirrors the complexities of the world and the human experience in the most poetic and bombastic way.

Eclectic Influences

Their musical influences span a vast spectrum. With a wide-ranging taste, Coby has delved into Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, and other surf classics. Rudy leans toward the prog world, mainly Yes. At the same time, Aaron is a metalhead who enjoys the sonic assault of System of a Down and Avenged Sevenfold. Their music has evolved through various stages, starting as synth-pop before venturing into more avant-garde territories.

When it comes to their performances, Robert’s Basement and The Flying Moonmen keep it simple: “We simply play the music.” They prioritize delivering an authentic and captivating musical experience without imposing their interpretation.

Robert’s Basement performing live at @orpheus.garden. Image via @deepfriesporkroll

Memorable Moments on Stage

With a vast portfolio of gigs under their belts, some moments stand out. One memorable night for Coby was at Grouvier St. in Philly. The 2-hour set turned into uncontrollable dancing, and people climbed on the roof. Another unforgettable performance was their first show at The Funhouse in Glassboro, where they discovered their place in the local music scene. My favorite show was the Farewell Show. A perfect culmination of years of lucid art, served beautifully in the fashion of Robert’s Basement. Along with friends Swansun and Blue Street. Check out Robert’s Basement Farewell Show w/ Swansun & Blue Street.

Reminiscing on Robert’s Basement and The Flying Moonmen, one thing becomes clear: their unique sounds, philosophies, and open-minded approach to music open doors to exploration. In a world of ever-evolving sounds, these two acts shine like twin stars in the cosmic soundscape, inviting us to listen, feel, and remember in our way. Enjoy the sonic adventures of Robert’s Basement and The Flying Moonmen. Let their music take you through space and time; the rest is history.

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