Unveiling the Enigma: Who is Super Jack?


Explore the musical world of Super Jack, a Central Jersey sensation. Super Jack’s tracks showcase his mastery of multiple genres as a singer, producer, and instrumentalist. Whether he’s a one-person orchestra or collaborating with other artists, his unique sound transcends boundaries. Check out his Instagram here!

The musical journey starts in Central Jersey, where Super Jack began playing instruments at a tender age. The influences of genre-defying legends like David Bowie, Beck, Prince, and the experimental spirit of Talking Heads shaped a musical ethos that challenges norms. Super Jack aspires to evoke the same sense of belonging and comfort that Bowie and Talking Heads provided.

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Eclectic Influences

Super Jack’s musical DNA is a mosaic of influences. From the ambient genius of Brian Eno to the funky rhythms of P-Funk and Sly Stone, the journey extends to hip-hop legends like Madlib and J Dilla. The blend includes nods to the sample-driven works of The Dust Brothers and the dubby reggae of Lee “Scratch” Perry. The neo-soul vibes of D’Angelo and Bilal, alongside contemporary artists like Frank Ocean and James Blake, all contribute to the rich tapestry of inspiration.

From Basements to Brooklyn

Super Jack’s live shows are a spectacle, varying from solo performances with synth-heavy beats to band showcases featuring soulful rock vibes. The upcoming “Tempest Ravyn” album promises an immersive experience with live bands and performance art akin to “Rocky Horror.” The goal? An unforgettable journey through diverse emotions and sounds, where each set is a unique exploration.

Having toured extensively since 2022, Super Jack reminisces about the infectious energy of Jersey basements, particularly the unforgettable night at The Grander Canyon in New Brunswick. Spiritual connections extend to NYC, with Brooklyn holding a special place in the artist’s heart.

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Spotlight on “Tempest Ravyn”

Excitement peaks as the first single, “When Do I Get To Be Happy?” from the upcoming album “Tempest Ravyn,” drops on Black Friday. With subsequent releases and music videos in December, the album promises a new side of Super Jack. To taste Super Jack’s musical spectrum, explore previous albums like “Hiding In Plain Sight” and “Eats The Mind,” where each track unveils a different facet of this musical maven. “Eats The Mind” leans into synth-funk, while the title track of “Hiding In Plain Sight” stands out as a trippy, soulful masterpiece. Check out my favorite single from “Eats The Mind,” Mutual Feelings here!

“Who is Super Jack?” – The answer lies in the notes, beats, and characters woven into each musical creation, inviting you to join the journey through genres and emotions, all under the enigmatic guise of Super Jack.

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